Dark to Light

"Dark to Light" is a collection that showcases my 40-year artistic career from 1982 to 2022. Through this retrospective, I invite you to explore the profound meaning of life as I have discovered it through my art.

Growing up in a peaceful village surrounded by nature, I developed a deep connection to my community. Working alongside my father, a painter, I found my own artistic voice. Traditional painting introduced me to dark, mysterious colors that mirrored our inner thoughts and emotions.

In 1994, my travels to Europe and the U.S. expanded my artistic horizons. I began to explore the expressive potential of color, delving deeper into its captivating qualities.

"Dark to Light" represents my personal and artistic evolution. It traces a transformative journey from somber shades to vibrant hues, illuminating the canvas with an exploration of the human experience. This collection invites contemplation, revealing the interplay between darkness and illumination, chaos and harmony, introspection and revelation.

Wayan Karja

Play- Flow- Freedom

This is a playful technique that allows me to free myself, open creative channels, and let it flow. The process and the results are the manifestation of my freedom.