Born in Ubud in 1965. Karja started painting in the “young artist” style of Penestanan when he was in elementary school. Since middle school, he studied Ubud-style painting, followed by formal education in painting at SMSR N Denpasar. Art higher education at PSSRD Udayana University; Master of Fine Arts at the University of South Florida, USA; Expressive Arts at the European Graduate School, Switzerland; Religion and Culture at the Indonesian Hindu University Denpasar. 

As a painter, educator, and former Dean of the Faculty of Art and Design, at the Indonesian Art Institute of Denpasar, Karja received various awards in the field of art education, including the Satya Lancana from the President of the Republic of Indonesia and Mr. Nakasone Yasuhiro, Tokyo, Japan. He also writes articles, conducts art research, participates in international symposiums, leads workshops, and gives artist talks in several countries. Karja teaches courses in contemporary painting, the history of Western art, and art criticism. Consistently pursuing the concept of Balinese Cosmology with a specialization in pangider bhuwana colors. The latest series of works take the themes Journey into the Unknown, Cosmic Energy, and Color Healing. 

Since 1983 Karja has conducted more than 30 solo exhibitions and over 100 group exhibitions in Bali, Malang, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Hungary, and the United States of America (Hawaii, Florida, Maine, Chicago, and Massachusetts). Some of his recent solo/joint exhibitions include CSIS Jakarta; Balinese Masters Nusa Dua; Neka Museum; ARMA Ubud; Sin Sin Gallery Hong Kong; R.J Gallery Katamsi Yogyakarta; Nata Citta Artspace Denpasar, Teh Villa Surabaya; Arts Jakarta; Alam Sutra Tangerang; Santrian Art Galery Sanur. 

Taksu: Inner creativity. 

"The creative spirits come and go. When I invite them, they might come, they might not.
Sometimes, they come without invitation."

"The wave is not the water,
the color is not the force,
but through the color we
can feel the Taksu.
The Taksu is the Creator."